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Bookkeeping You Can Count On

Accurate, consistent bookkeeping is vital to a successful business. However, bookkeeping can be complicated, stressful and time-consuming. Focus where YOU are needed most and trust us to give our full attention to your financial records.


* Lower payroll and overhead 

* No need to provide health insurance, PTO, retirement or work comp

* Have access to current and accurate data anywhere you are to support decision making for your business



* Reduce mistakes and oversights commonly made by employees lacking experience or training

* Confidence that when banks or creditors need your info, you have accurate financials to give them

* We will communicate with your Accountant to make sure you are ready for tax time




Whether you want us to handle just a few things, or turn over all your bookkeeping, accounts receivable and accounts payable – our goal is to get your financials cleaned-up, caught-up and kept-up  so that you have peace of mind to focus on YOUR business! 


Business fail due to cash flow problems

Did you know?

The Hard Truth

According to, 82% of small businesses fail due to cash flow problems. Those problems don’t typically come out of nowhere. They build up over time while the owner is busy with other projects and responsibilities.

Our Story


My name is Amanda Wylie and I’m the owner of Abundant Life Bookkeeping.

Years ago my husband and I started a small home business. We loved working together as a family! We loved the freedom we had to choose the direction of our business. BUT, we did not do any bookkeeping. At tax time we scrambled to pull things together and thought we were doing ok. Unfortunately, our business crumbled after almost 3 years because we didn’t have a handle on the full financials. There were things we could have done differently, but it was too late.

Now I am passionate about helping other businesses track their vitality and monitor their health so they can make the BEST decisions for their business.



What we Do

Quickbooks Online 

 As certified Quickbooks ProAdvisors, we use Quickbooks Online to provide cash-basis financials:

* Monthly reconciliation of bank, credit cards and loans

* Balance sheets

* Profit and loss reports

* Accounts receivable

* Accounts payable

 And as a CBG partner, we provide the best prices available for your Quickbooks Online subscription. 


We have partnerships with ADP and Gusto to set you up for payroll services.


Ask us about a CPA recommendation


we can connect with your CPA to have you tax ready.



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Let’s connect and see if our services are right for YOUR business needs!

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