Bookkeeping for Birth Professionals

Supporting Profit in Your Birth Passion

Are you wasting precious…


We know how crazy a birth professional’s life can be…really crazy! How many hours are you spending on you books each month? 5, 10, 20… more? 


You spend a LOT of mental & physical energy on your passion of supporting mothers. Wouldn’t it be awesome to quit spending it worrying about your books? Every month…every tax season.  


Your business is more than just the bottom line to you…it’s a mission, a calling! However, every business needs to know where their dollars are coming from and going. Do you know?

You are our mission...our calling!

Every month Midwives, Doulas, Birth Centers and other Birth Professionals depend on us to help them know if their passions are profitable. Without a profit, the passion can’t continue. Let us help you have peace of mind and confidence in your financial numbers. Don’t wait!

Why your practice needs a professional bookkeeper:

Chances are, you had a passion for birth and pursued midwifery, or another birth related field, without the knowledge or desire to handle all the business aspects. Supporting women and their families through pregnancy, birth and postpartum is a unique calling that often requires long, odd hours; not to mention the demanding physical and mental strains.

Let’s be realistic, is your bookkeeping really a top priority in your business?  Do you know how to do it correctly OR have you passed it off to office staff hoping they know what they’re doing with your bookkeeping? Do you put tracking your income and expenses off, scrambling at tax time because you can’t remember if you got all your deductible expenses captured…fingers crossed that you never get audited?

Imagine a world where bookkeeping isn’t another burden on your already full plate. Imagine knowing exactly how much you’re making, where your money is going each month and having the confidence to make the best decisions for your business.  A world where you don’t sweat tax time – because you know your books are up-to-date and accurate. You need a world like this!

Our Services




That’s our motto! We know how to whip your books into shape and keep’em that way. Wouldn’t it be great to let us do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on your passion? Yep!

Clean-up bookkeeping

"I tried, but they're a mess!"

Hey, at least you gave your books a shot! We’re pros at straightening out your best efforts. Put your mind at ease because whatever the damage, it’s fixable.

catch-up bookkeeping

"Nope! Haven't touched them."

So your books are a month or two behind, or maybe even a year or more. You can quit worrying about it because we’ve got this…bring it on!

monthly bookkeeping

“I’ve got babies & mommies that need me! Not my books!!”

This is where we really shine! It’s time to let a pro handle the daily grind of all that goes into making sure you have accurate, timely numbers. No more scrambling at the end of the month, or even worse at year end, to throw everything together. So, instead of spending hours messing with all the stuff below you can skip off to that birth (if you’re a skipping kind of person). Nice!

We’ll Handle Your :

  • QuickBooks Setup
  • Income Tracking
  • Expense Tracking

We’ll Reconcile Your :

  • Bank Accounts
  • Credit Card Accounts
  • And Loans

We’ll Relieve You From:

  • Tiresome Troubleshooting
  • Costly Mistakes
  • Tax Season Stress

PLUS: 3 monthly reports

Every month you’ll receive the following  reports and our expertise to guide you through them:

  • Profit & Loss
  • Cash Flow
  • Balance Sheet
  • Custom reports available upon request

Now you’ll always know where your numbers stand!


AND: Unlimited Virtual Support

We’ll be here when you need us with unlimited email support. Now that’s value!

And not just you, but we’ll communicate with your CPA/Accountant as well (at your direction of course).

It’s important to us that everyone is on the same page to help you make the best decisions for your business.

Upgrade Services

Need some horsepower to make your practice really run smooth? We’ve got the specialty skills you need to build out a successful bookkeeping package. Gotta love extras!

Invoicing (A/R)

Getting paid isn’t always at the top of your mind. Let us make your practice simpler, leave the repetitive invoicing tasks to us!

Paying Bills (A/P)

You’re bills getting paid on time, every time! All you have to do is provide us the invoice and we make sure it gets paid. So easy!

Receipt Management

No more saving all those paper receipts! We can help you tackle the headache of keeping up with all that info efficiently and securely. 


We partner with a great payroll company and can help you switch OR set up payroll if that makes more sense for your needs.

What Can You Expect From Us?

Personalized Service and Care

Just like OB’s often don’t have the same opportunity to spend as much time with their pregnant patients as midwives do, getting the attention and caring service from many bookkeeping providers can be challenging.  We care about you, your business, and the clients YOU serve.

Package Pricing

We base our packages on your individual business needs so you always know what to expect and when to expect it.

Understand Your Financial Reports

We want you to be able to use your reports to see the bigger picture of your business. We love helping birth professionals understand how their practice is doing so they can make the best decisions.

Understanding and Passion

At Abundant Life Bookkeeping, we’re passionate about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. We’ve worked with midwives and supported friends and family through labor and birth. Now, we’re working to support the business side of the providers actively involved in birth. We love what you do, and we want to see your business succeed!

Ready to get your books:


Caught up


Cleaned up


Kept up


All of the above

Then don’t wait!

Book your consultation today!!

It’s As Easy As…


Schedule Your Call

Click here to request your consultation. It’s absolutely 100% complimentary!


Consultation Call

We’ll jump on the phone, or virtual meeting, to discuss all the needs of your unique practice.


Custom Proposal

We’ll dig in, crunch numbers, and then put together a proposal that we’ll go over with you.


Get Rockin’

Last is an onboarding call where we discuss what you want to see on your reports and how your accounts need to look. 


Working With Us

who’s behind the curtain?

That’s a great question! At Abundant Life Bookkeeping we believe in working closely with our clients; and you should know what that looks like.


Rude folks sorta rub us the wrong way, so we treat our clients the way we want to be treated; with respect and courtesy.


Learning is a hobby with us. We believe in delivering birth professionals the best industry know-how; it’s our responsibility and we take it seriously.


Cheesy? Maybe. But we enjoy the relationships we have with our clients and want to do the same with you. So, hopefully, you like a little laughter with your business!

Why A Virtual Bookkeeper?

“You’re…virtual? What does that even mean?” It means that we’re not tied down to a location or a set number of hours. Which is a great thing for you. And here’s why:

Low Overhead:

We cover the expenses on our own:

  • Supplies
  • Training
  • Software
  • Insurance
  • Vacation/PTO

Think how much that will save you each year in employee expenses…a bucket load!


$48,761 – that’s the national average salary of a bookkeeper as of January 2023 according to Add in benefits and that number goes up to $73,321!

The starting price for our monthly bookkeeping packages are a fraction of that. PLUS we work on a contract basis so there’s no long term commitments!


years of finance experience

combined years of customer service

Meet the Owners

Amanda Wylie

Amanda has loved birth and midwifery since she was very young. For 6 years before having her own children, she assisted a homebirth midwife in her area and that midwife went on to be her midwife for all 10 of her own children!

 Amanda has personally been through a gamut of birth experiences and knows the value of a knowledgeable, experienced midwife.

Many years ago Amanda and Noah had a home business, but they didn’t know a thing about bookkeeping and their business failed by the 3rd year. In 2019 Amanda jumped into rigorous studies to become an expert in bookkeeping. Over time, she realized that her passion was serving birth professionals so that they have peace of mind surrounding their books, and ultimately, they have the information to make good decisions and have sustainable businesses.

About Me

I love the Lord and live way out in the country with my wonderful husband and my 8 children still at home. Besides everything pregnancy and birth, my passions and interests include gardening, chickens, herbal remedies, coffee and learning new things!

My Apprentice Days!

What great memories! I’m still enamored with pregnancy, birth, labor and newborns. It never gets old to read clients’ social media posts about their most recent birth attendance!

Hard at labor!

Deep in labor land with one of my own sweet blessings.

Our first born son!

Getting to experience the absolute bliss of my new baby getting examined while my daughter watched – nothing compares! Everyone should have birth choices that include being where they want to be and having the family and friends they want to have during such a momentous time.

Noah Wylie

Noah was there for every one of their home births, except for their seventh, which was an emergency C-section. Eight of the other nine were water births. Noah remembers very well that first experience of seeing their daughter peek up with her huge eyes through the water!

With over twenty years of business and customer service experience, Noah brings a unique aspect to the table; an individual with a passion to see birth professionals succeed at their calling and the business know how to help.

Noah loves being able to support birth professionals through great bookkeeping. Why? Because he sees the need for families to continue to have choices in their birth experiences! 

Owner Noah Wylie

About Me

I too am a born again believer and am blessed to live out my life with Amanda and our kiddos. I love tinkering with graphic design (like this website)! I’m a self-published author – you can see my book here. I also enjoy woodworking and ice cream floats (a lot!)

“I was desperate to find a bookkeeper that understood the birth world. After a disastrous relationship with my last CPA and thousands of dollars worth of mistakes I wanted someone who would listen to me and know how to fix the issue. Amanda worked tirelessly to not only fix an entire year’s worth of mistakes on QB’s but set up a totally new system to start the year off right. So thankful for her expertise.”

– Jill Roper, CPM

“I have been so happy with the service Amanda provides! She takes a lot of stress off of my shoulders and allows me to focus on my business. What a value and asset she is to our team. We have used a lot of bookkeepers in the past and she by far surpasses all of them! It is a pleasure working with her!“

– Amy B.

“Amanda was a bookkeeping life saver for my small business! She was extremely helpful even teaching me some basic bookkeeping matters that I didn’t know. She used different platforms, created videos, and did everything necessary to go above and beyond to help me. I’m very thankful for her expertise.“

– Sandy T.


How do I know I'm ready for Abundant Life Bookkeeping?
  • If you’re spending more time and energy on bookkeeping than needed and your practice is suffering for it
  • If you’re not keeping up with your bookkeeping at all and putting your practice’s future at risk
  • If you’ve tried other bookkeepers and felt like they didn’t “get you”, or understand the needs of a birth professional
  • If you or your office staff has not understood exactly how to use QuickBooks Online or haven’t been trained to do bookkeeping accurately
Can you file my taxes too?

No, we are professional bookkeepers, not accountants or CPA’s. We keep track and categorize your income and expenses and make sure that everything is accounted for (and nothing is duplicated) so that your CPA can give you tax advice and file your taxes more easily and quickly.

We CAN and will coordinate with your CPA at tax time to make getting your taxes done more seamless.

I use other apps for my business. Can I still use them?

Of course! Many apps integrate with QuickBooks Online. If you need suggestions on apps to help your business we can discuss that as well!

What if I'm not a birth professional, can you still help me?

We primarily work with birth professionals, but we’d be happy to see if we can help! Even if it’s to give a referral to a trusted colleague.

Do I have to send you statements every month?

We try to make this as smooth and simple as possible – because we all know that birth professionals don’t need any more stress! QuickBooks Online automatically pulls in business transactions from most banks.

We then categorize and reconcile those transactions. Any transactions we’re unclear about will go to your client portal to easily provide us with clarification. As we get more familiar with your business and your typical spending, there are fewer questions each month.

We can help you keep track of your receipts as well!

Ready for some help?

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